Beard Brush Curved XL


This brush takes beard tools to the next level!  This brush is designed to gently exfoliate your facial skin, while ridding the dead cells which can then promote healthy beard growth.  What makes this beard brush different the rest?  For starters, the bristles are  2,5-4cm long & firm, but not wire brush firm.  This allows those with a beefy beard to reap the benefits of using a beard brush.  Typically, beard brushes do not have bristles long enough to penetrate the chin curtain.  In addition, the bristles on this brush are curved which provide a larger contact surface area while brushing your majestic facial fur.  Just like our original beard brush, this one has grooves engraved into the wooden handle, allowing you to maintain a firm grip.  

The Bearded B Care Beard Brush XL is constructed with a sturdy beechwood handle, with precision boar hair bristles.  The boar hair bristles are curve shaved to make this brush contour to your chin curtain.  The handle size is 12,7cm Long x 7,2 Wide,