Sudden Death Moustache & Beard Wax - Perfect For Handlebar Mustaches - No Heat Required (STRONG)

No heat source required
STRONG MUSTACHE WAX; Keep the unruly snores in place for more than 8 hours all day long, even in hot, humid, cold or windy weather; much better than oil or balm.
LASTS A LONG TIME: 1oz metal tin mustache wax can last up to 4 months of normal use with daily use.
Competition quality mustache wax Details
PLEASE NOTE FOR SEVERE MUSTACHES - STRONG - Our mustache wax has a smooth, semi-tacky sticky, glue-like wax feel that will hold those unruly whiskers in place for over 8 hours. Much better than beard oil or balm. Of course, every snoring is unique. ingredients are safe for your skin and completely chemical-free. Sudden Death mustache wax is a perfect combination of beeswax, pine resin, organic shea butter and coconut oil!